Some analysis on how my projects progressed in Q2 2019

If you have followed my posts on DeviantArt, you have noticed that I have taken up the habit of recording how my art projects are progressing and putting the data into infographs after each quarter. I never got around to posting Q1’s stats here, but I figured that since I have more extensive stats now, I could make myself post about it here.

I have a pretty lengthy journal on DeviantArt on this subject, so I will keep this post brief and concise.

First, there’s my infograph on how much I got done in this year’s Q2:

Q2 2019 stats
Q2 2019 infograph

Then, Prose-ject 2019’s stats (which were not counted for the upper infograph’s wordcounts due to ocurring only in one month):

Prose-ject 2019 statistics and a graph made on Microsoft Excel

And, finally, what the difference between Q1 and Q2 is:

Comparison between Q1 and Q2 2019

As you can see, there is either increase (sometimes drastic) or no increase. Some of it can be explained with my university timetable and workload growing more lenient from Q1 as the summer approached while part of it also comes from either inspiration, as was with Lyokostar 2 which I finished during Q2, or the commitment to actually get more work done, as was with Behind Armada and The Fate’s Way, the two projects I work on only once a week and thus need to get more done in one day to have a proper progress going on. While TFW is now approaching the story area I’m most interested in and thus gains an inspiration bonus, BA has been in progress for ages and I’m more than ready to finish it, which explains the recent time skips I’ve made. I want to advance in the Armada-Energon trilogy at some point, hopefully even during this year, so getting BA‘s core story done is more than welcome.

What will happen in Q3? Only FFM 2019 statistics I can say for sure. Will I see a decrease in productivity once the studying year begins? Probably not, as the actual work will cover only about a third of the quarter. In addition to that, I’ve now committed myself to work more on my stories: firstly, to write at least 100 words to Greenfield every day in order to get a decent pace of progress I can keep up (meaning I should reach a chapter’s target wordcount in 40 days at most if there is no usable material already written). Secondly, to work more in a day during editing or finalization so that the phases when I don’t write basically anything on the projects in question will be shorter, which then gives me more days in a quarter to write. Naturally, as Lyokostar 2 is finished in Finnish, it will be dropped out of the statistics until its turn to be translated to English comes up, which will definitely be a long time away; I suspect that it could be in 2021 at the earliest, depending on how much work the three quarters of Lyokostar 1 I have left give me; I have needed to completely rewrite three parts of story 4 and there is a lot of reworking to be done with the rest of the parts, so it definitely isn’t looking promising.

Anyways, that should be all about that. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Have a nice end of July!

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