Course 1, Diary 14: Conclusion to course 1


I really don’t know if this one is necessary, but I put it here anyways.

The picture analysis is done. I think I did it well enough. The course is over now. I will update this entry once I’ve got my grades for this period and tell my grade for this course.

The next visual arts course I have will be during next year. Until then this place will be on hiatus, unless I find something to do with this place for now.

Now that I reflect on this whole course, I can wonder: “What did I learn?”

Part of my mind says: “Nothing.”

Sure, I did learn something about isms (a good amount of them came to being in France), I learned some new trivia, but what about improving my skills? Did I learn something that helps me make my art better at least once I can apply it to my works?


However, this has strengthened both my respect towards traditional artists and my resolve to be a digital artist. On this course I have indeed realized that doing anything complex with anything else than a regular pencil in the traditional way is not for me. My works of art are meant to be done on a computer.

With these words I conclude this course diary. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll be reading my next course diaries on the following years!

EDIT 20.11.2015: Ok, I got the grade: It’s 9! The highest grade I’ve got from visual arts now! I went ahead and asked my teacher the grades of my works, and I want to share them:

Me and Art collage: 9

Self-portrait: 8½

Subvert: 10 (the teacher told me it made her laugh aloud the first she looked at it; Now who was saying I’m unable to make funny stuff? Wait… It was me…)

The vehicle: 9

To be honest, while I deemed my works (aside from the collage which, by the way, has suffered from being in the front of the binder afterwards) kinda crappy, but getting this good grades from them changes my mind. Maybe they are not crap, even though especially my self-portrait suffered from lack of tools for the quality of technical execution I wanted. I have a lot of improvement needed, but I will get to the level I want to get to. I know I will.

I just need to not give up.

This I want to say to all my fellow artists who fight with their limited skills.

Don’t give up.

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