FFM 2021 15: A Fake News Cake

Challenge: Include one strange item “that is typically not involved in the whole baking deal” – it cannot be shoes – and write a 369er.

Fighting the amusement, you looked at the bright red fake news button next to the flour, chocolate chips and other ingredients. You wore a mask to make sure that you would not contaminate the cake whenever you thought about this whole deal and burst out laughing mid-baking. The last thing you wanted was someone getting sick because your spit ended up into the ingredients while baking the ‘Apapane-colored cake.

The pandemic had one good side: even after its ending, you could wear a mask without looking strange, which in turn hid your grin as you waited for the pretentious speech about faithfulness and friendship to begin and segue into cutting the fake news cake. You could barely wait for the moment you could call off your engagement and reveal your so-called best friend for exactly who he was.

The uproar that started from your engagement cake screaming “fake news” was glorious and even sweeter than the overly-sugared juice your now-ex-fiancé had insisted on. You had your Speech of Truth prerecorded and ready to be played — you only needed to press the button.

The moment your now-ex-fiancé turned to you, your grin under the mask widened as you lifted the remote for her to see and pressed play.

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