FFM 2021 13: A Failed Universe

Challenge: Roll the dice to get your perspective, tense, emotional theme and, optionally, the wordcount.

My rolls gave me: first person, past tense, guilt and 111 words.

I watched as my humans killed yet another forest owlet for sport. Yet another dolphin through carelessness. Yet another person out of greed.

Elsewhere, my creations twisted my teachings to hurt and control others, to destroy instead of nurturing.

I had done a terrible job with showing them the way. My failings to steer the lost ones to the right path had caused so much pain, destruction and death. I should have done better, but I was blind in my love and hope.

No amount of divine intervention could save this failed universe. It was time to put an end to all this suffering and start anew, with bitter lessons learned.

2 thoughts on “FFM 2021 13: A Failed Universe

  1. Pretty likeable creator, actually admitting their mistakes and learning from them. Though, too bad the created creatures will apparently die now.

    But failure is inevitable when learning, failing should not be a thing to afraid, it should be learned to be handled and learned from. Person who never fails may be in some sense weaker than a person who has failed and has learned to deal with it

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