FFM 2021 11: Birbs

Fun fact: What Melinda tells about the Korean crow tit is true as far as my Google Fu could tell.


Levi turned his eyes to his phone. A new message in the workplace’s group chat. “What now?” There was only one way to find out what was going on: open the chat.

Melinda: OMG look at this cute birb!

Levi opened the attached image. It was a small white bird on a branch. It was cute, Levi had to admit that, but he rolled his eyes at the word birb nevertheless. Still, it was for the best to write something. Someone else was, fortunately, already on it, so he could take his time to formulate his reply.

Diego: <3

Diego: What birb is that? :D

Melinda: It’s a long-tailed tit!

Tabitha: Awws that’s way too cute! <3

Tabitha: Where’d you see that?!

Melinda: Online haha

Melinda: Ran into some talk about a Korean crow tit with a pic of a birb like this attached to it, but it turns out a tit like that doesn’t exist

Melinda: Some more Google fu told what this cute lil thing is instead

Levi: Love it <3

Sally: asdfgh

Sally: thats so cuuuuteee!!!

Levi rolled his eyes, his focus now completely broken. The flood of messages continued.

Raiyo: <3

Sally: id love to have a birb like that as a pet

Tabitha: I’d be happy with a plush (:

Raiyo: Btw, “birb”? Never seen that word

Sally: what? you live under a rock raiyo??

Tabitha: Sally!

Raiyo: Maybe? ^.^’

Tabitha: Sorry about that, please ignore her Raiyo

Raiyo: Ok ^^’

Melinda: Birb is a word for a really cute and fluffy birb

Melinda: I mean bird!

Melinda: Birb is a cute bird!

Raiyo: Okay ^o^

Why must they use that word? Levi rolled his eyes again and opted to return to work. If someone wanted to hear more from him, they would tag him.

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