A God of Skies

This August, a series of community challenges launched on Flash Fiction Month’s Discord server: Hydra picks one of the challenges someone in the community has posted into the Suggestion Box. There is no deadline for each challenge, but I’m trying to get the challenges done during the same month they are posted.

The first challenge happens to be one I submitted back in 2017:

  1. Access the FFM Prompt Generator and the FFM Mash-Up Prompt Generator.
  2. Pick the first generated prompt from both generators and combine them.

My prompts turned out to be:

1: I told him he smells of coffee and thrift shops – by Lexi-Cat (Year 2014)
2: Creepy Basements + Sky Writing – by joe-wright

Fun fact: This story started as a first person story but ended up becoming an epistolary one instead along the way.

To whoever picked up and is currently reading this bottled message. There isn’t much time/space for explanation, so I’ll try to be concise. (“try” being the operative word)

I guess this mess started the moment I told him he smells of coffee and trif thrift shops. He laughed it off and told me 2 things I’d never have expected of a God of Skies: he loved coffee to the point of working and living in a coffee shop and all his clothes were from the local thrift shop.

Then again, when I met him, I didn’t know he was a God of Skies up until a night five months and a formed friendship later. We were crashing in the creepy basement of some abandoned house near his shop and he wrote poems I couldn’t understand in the sky when he thought I was asleep.

I should’ve been asleep that night. The moment he found out that I saw what he was doing… well, I’m still not sure what exactly happened. I know that I was unconscious two moments after he turned to see me awake, and when I came to, I was no longer in a basement even though it was dark.

He told me that since I learned of his true nature, he transported me to the plain plane where his kind kept those who had seen them in their element. After that, he dissappeared and I haven’t seen him. Other people I’ve met here have told me similar stories of the gGods they’ve been unfortunate enough to meet and witness.

I really don’t know where I am or how to get out, so if you find this message I sent out… send help, I guess?

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