Announcing Code Lyoko: Foes & Friends Remastered duology!

If you’ve been following my Code Lyoko fanfic stuff and talks on DeviantArt, you might have noticed me writing something for a new duology, other than the discontinued Swordswoman of Shadows: Foes & Friends Remastered. Now, I am pleased to announce that the prologue of the Remastered version of the first installment of my oldest duology (which dates to 2012) has now been translated into English and published on DeviantArt.

The first story of FFR is New War Remastered. Its prologue presents you Alex Starsky, the protagonist. He’s in big trouble, caught up in a war into which the Lyoko Warriors are about to get tangled into as Alex enrolls at Kadic to seek their aid. Hence, the name of the first story is New War Remastered, NWR for short. For the Lyoko Warriors, this will be a new war, for X.A.N.A. is gone, and they are about to face a new enemy just as vicious as X.A.N.A., only in human skin…

That’s it for now. I hope you’ll end up reading the story and that you like it.

And in case you haven’t read the oneshots I’ve written for FFR here but plan reading this duology, please do not read the oneshots before NWR is finished. The oneshots can be kinda spoilery.

Oh, and warning; It’s rated T because stuff gets real nasty later on… The original New War (which will never be translated from Finnish to English because even after fixing it’s bad – and it’s far inferior to Remastered anyway) is rated K+, and so was Remastered until I found myself writing some messed up stuff and had to raise the rating.

And bonus: while the Finnish versions of both FFR and Lyokostar censores vulgarities, I’m going to give you English audiences less censored versions… at least at those points when my imagination is enough to sustain the cursing of certain foul-mouthed douchebags who’ll appear in Lyokostar eventually… ‘>.>

Anyhow, that’s all. Still a lot of stuff to be done today, so I have to hurry. Have a great day!


PS. I know, the stuff about poetry book has been on hold for long. I finally got my books during June, but I haven’t found time to write about it, let alone publish and translate my poem. My writer name wasn’t included there, so I will hold onto it until I start self-publishing my FFM collections. In fact, my last name was misspelled in that book, true story! 8[

I do hope to actually write about it here at some point since at least so far there aren’t any online sources telling about it. I happened to find it on a local bookseller recently, but their online shop doesn’t have it, only a more local store does, and they don’t even tell pretty much anything about the book… It might be that anyone outside Finland will be unable to get it, but I’ll most likely publish a poetry collection of my own someday and include the poem in that book as well.

Perhaps in August I manage to get it done once FFM is over…

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