Finished renovation!

After months of working and not working on this site with school going on, I am very glad to announce that the renovation of this site has been finished! I believe I have covered everything I need to for now. As I am learning to use Unity now, I have no games to talk about. I have no actual text-based interactive games done yet either even though I do use Twine to make interactive fanfiction, so until I’ve made one, I will not make a section for games yet. Therefore, I call this place fully functional, although this site will at least for now serve more informative purposes than communicative.

I am not fully satisfied with the appearance of this site, but as I don’t know what I’d want instead, I will leave this as it is until I come up with something.

Now that this is ready, feel free to read through what I have here and please do point out any grammar mistakes or typos which have escaped my proofreading!

Have a great day!


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