[Sept20] Tribble Month 5: Not The Same

The prompt: Tea Time

I’m grateful for the botanists who managed to make tea — let alone my favorite type, green tea — thrive in our artificial environments. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely grateful that I can enjoy tea like I did before the stupid apocalypse.

It’s just not the same, ok? I’ve compared it with what’s left of my pre-war stash and the tea up here isn’t the same. I don’t mean that it’s bad. It’s just… different. It’s not my tea.

I know I sound ungrateful, I know, but… after I heard of the tea that the botanists started growing here, I got my hopes up that at least one thing, one small thing, would be the same. And it’s not. And it feels so bad.

I just have to accept it and drink my tea without sugar.

If I close my eyes, lean back and think of the good old tea, my tea with one well-stirred sugar cube, it almost tastes the same.

When I imagine the fresh wind and the grass on the hill my love and I used to have picnics on, it actually tastes the same…

…but that’s just because my new tea has tears in it now…

[Sept20] Tribble Month 4: Good Times

A personal prompt inspired by a good WhatsApp group chat and reminiscence today: Good Times

My personal window showed me Earth today. It’s still far from the beautiful blue orb it was before the humankind destroyed it, but it’s still our home, no matter what.


The tea up here can never rival Earth’s own. However, I can always sit back with a warm mug of it and reminisce the good old times.


“Ah, good times.”