Project Moonshot – prototype out now!

As promised, I got something playable out of my Game Off 2020 project, Project Moonshot, before the end of the month! Yay!

On the other hand, because life happened, the results of my ambitious project are far from what I’d hoped from the prototype I was planning to get out. What you got is barely serviceable, but it works (mostly) and doesn’t crash, so it’s fine.

I’m going to continue working on this game after Game Off, though, so if you see potential in what’s currently a mess, you’ll eventually see something better. When? I have no idea since the inventory system requires a lot of work before it’s good enough, but someday for sure.

In other news, I also made a tiny game with Bitsy this week for one of my courses: No Escape. If you feel like it, do check it out too!

You can play the games here:

Against Procrastination – Now released!

It is time for yet another announcement! My Twine project, named Against Procrastination, is finally ready, tested by two testers whom I recruited locally and now available on!

In Against Procrastination, you need to clear your to-do list while avoiding tempting procrastination activities. It features numerous randomized activities, descriptions and variables that make small changes to the description – for example, in the reading activity, the genre variable has 21 different choices while the book type variable has 11! With randomized values for the length of the to-do list and the time you begin your game as well, no session is the same! Or if you do somehow find two identical sessions, you should go catch Shiny Pokémon before your god-level luck runs out.

Do check the game out here: