FFM 2022 15: Dinnertime

The dinner was, as Raiyo had expected, simple; it was not like his hosts would put much effort into the extra portion that he required — if the dinners even were more complex than tonight's rice and vegetables in the first place, which Raiyo was not sure about. What surprised him was the amount of food that Warren had made; were the two planning on having leftovers for multiple days?

FFM 2022 14: Heist

"Ewwwww," Masquerade whispered. "It's just as fugly as I remembered." "C'mon, it's just a yacht with a poor choice of coloring," you sighed. "He does have a point, Willow," Glasses piped up, "it is fugly. It's a yellow yacht named Woozy Wasp."

FFM 2022 13: Minimalism

Levi's home was just as minimalistic and bland as the man himself appeared to be. Raiyo knew better than to say it aloud, though; he had to be on his very best behavior if he was to get through the night without problems.