FFM 2021 1: You Just Won’t

In addition to writing in worlds that already exist unless I’m sidetracked elsewhere by a challenge and/or prompt, I chose to pick one of my own community challenges: Birds of a Feather: Every single story must include a bird of a species of your choice. Each day, you must pick a different species. Real-life birds are encouraged, but fictional ones are allowed as well.

The bird of the day is Bananaquit.

Challenge: 55 words, the main character’s actions must be rooted in fear but you are not allowed to tell that the character is afraid.

This story was inspired by a close call I had while driving yesterday. That definitely scared the hell out of me.

You look at your car. It’s fine. You heard nothing unusual — except a bananaquit singing — while driving. You see no new damage. The tires are undamaged as far as you can tell too. The car is fine, and it will take you wherever you want if you just hop in and drive.

You just won’t.