Currently on art: FFM and low productivity

It's been close to two months since the last Currently on art update, so it's about time I got around to writing this. While I had plans to be productive this month, reality has turned out to be far less optimal; projects have been left hanging due to low motivation and I've procrastinated a lot of stuff (including writing this post).

Currently on art: Hard at work

It's been over 1.5 months since the previous Currently on art update, so it's about time I sat down and got around to writing another one. The previous weeks have been super busy as I've had two big courses with big software projects to work on partially simultaneously. Now that the other one is over, things are getting a bit lighter, although the other one is still eating most of my time (the workload required is as good as a part-time job), which meant that I had to drop my Japanese course on its third week. I'll hopefully be able to retake that course during the summer months (or self-study enough to skip it).

Currently on art: …not much

About a month ago, I talked about how my timetables were a mess and I was scraping by with the deadlines. I also hoped that by either this or the next statistics post (which will be at the end of the year) I can look back on that post and say that things turned out all right. Well, can I say it now?