Down the Memory Lane

Down the Memory Lane is a short Ren'Py-made visual novel I made in a few days for a creative writing course in October 2021. The task was to make a digital story in two weeks, and I decided to make a visual novel. Since I didn't have the resources for creating anything else than the story itself and whatever code would be necessary, all art and music came from assets I found on

Campfire Tales

Campfire Tales is Ren'Py-made visual novel my friend nofuu (who did the artwork) and I made for O2A2 (Again!) - A Visual Novel Jam in July 2021.

Well, Well, Well

Well, Well, Well is an interactive fiction game my friend nofuu and I made for the game jam Game Jam for the Junior Devs in July 2021. nofuu made the artwork and a part of the code, while I handled writing, audio, level design and the rest of the programming.

Bad Feather Day

Bad Feather Day cover image by Noora Kemppainen

Bad Feather Day is a short low poly third person adventure platformer game made with Unity during the first half of 2021 for Jyväskylä University's Game Project course. Unlike my other game projects so far, it was made by a proper team - a group of seven students students who took part in the course at the same time and opted to name the team The Quarantined - meaning that I could focus on my own role: programming.


Bananawriter is a small command line application that, by default, writes 55 bananas if merely told to write. It can also write a specific number of a specified word or do that and randomize the given words.

Project Moonshot

Project Moonshot Cover

Project Moonshot is a Unity-made walking simulator for the first game jam I took part in, Game Off 2020. The theme was Moonshot, and it led to me using it in several ways: an ambitious game project, an ambitious project in the game's world and the moon as the setting.

No Escape

The story of the level that makes up No Escape is simple: You are trapped. Nothing that you do matters.

Against Procrastination

Against Procrastination banner

Against Procrastination features numerous randomized activities, descriptions and variables that make small changes to the description - for example, in the reading activity, the genre variable has 21 different choices while the book type variable has 11! With randomized values for the length of the to-do list and the time you begin your game as well, no session is the same!


MathQuiz is a practical work I did with my boyfriend on our Programming 1 course using C# and Jypeli during the autumn semester of 2018.

Video games

ames I have worked on. The source code for the projects on this page which have a public repository are available on GitHub and the games themselves are available on