About me

The name I go by is WindySilver. That’s my artist name.

I’m a Finnish student studying IT at a university but also a hobbyist artist. I mostly write fanfictions (the fandoms being Winx Club, Transformers, Star Wars and Code Lyoko – I’m also planning to begin a Pokémon fanfiction someday) and some original writings such as annual Flash Fiction Month, random stories and poems and my first novel.

I’m primarily a writer, but I do draw art for my stories when I can/want to/have the idea for it (having the time is also needed). Unfortunately, drawing takes a lot of time for me, so I haven’t made many big pieces of art yet. I’m better at writing than drawing, but I’m improving my skills at both whenever I can.

Please forgive me for grammar errors and all sorts of mistakes up here. Since Finnish is my native language, mistakes at English can happen. I speak some French, and I hope to improve it, so if you speak French too, feel free to send me a message if you want to discuss with me!

While I will post my art on DeviantArt and use it as my main site of communication with people, this site has become a site where I can keep all the information in a better order and easily accessed without clutter.

Currently the best way to reach me is on DeviantArt (http://deviantart.com/windysilver).

The rest of the places where to find me you can see here.

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