FFM 2020 1: Refugees

No prompt used, so I followed my personal challenge of writing about my existing worlds whenever a prompt or challenge doesn’t direct me otherwise.

While our humanitarian work was a point of pride for Earth, I must admit that the system took a heavy hit when our allies, the Glieseans, lost their home planet in the Gliese 667 system. With a planet and population far bigger than our own, even when the rest of the Inter-Galactic Union (IGU) did their part in taking refugees in, we were stretched thin. There were simply too many of them for us all to accommodate. IGU’s efforts to stop the warring civilization, which we have only learned to call “Fiirddokha” — “Ravagers” in the language of the Lllladrres, who were their first victim as far as anyone in IGU knows — have been insufficient. Because the Fiirddokha don’t belong to IGU, there is rather little that IGU as a union can do, especially without suddenly amassing an inter-galactic military big enough to rival them and fighting to death and recoloring many planets’ soils with blood and its equivalents.

I know a lot of people were frustrated when the humanitarian system was clogged by the Gliesean refugees, but now that we are the refugees, I’m sure everyone who lived back then understands them better.

Unfortunately, we have no one to help us because we are stuck on our own planet. Any non-Fiirddokha ship going in or out has been shot down at the orbit.

We have to play the long game and hope for the best.

7 thoughts on “FFM 2020 1: Refugees

    1. Oh no ^^’ Thank you for coming to read my story anyway! I appreciate it! Do you have any suggestions how I could try to make the reading experience easier for you?

      I’m glad you like this! I’ve been working on the sanctuary aspect of this world a lot recently, so it was a nice change of pace to flesh out the intergalactic community now.


  1. Are they refugees though if they’re stuck on their planet? But yeah, the joys of playing a pacifist race in Stellaris :D Can relate xD

    Still kinda bummed that you won’t upload to dA, since you will probably receive way less attention that way, but it’s totally understandable^^’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, they have to take refuge in sanctuaries which happen to be on their own planet because their homes were destroyed by warlike invaders, so I guess?

      Yeah, it’s a bummer to be posting outside of an art platform, but since I’m used to getting little to no attention, I’ll gladly take the tradeoff for a posting experience that doesn’t cause frustration or eye-strain-induced headaches. I got lots of training for that during June when I posted my Prose-ject stories here and got literally one comment during the month (appparently for story 8 out of 30), so two comments on day 1 is already an enormous improvement :D


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