My portfolio is up and running

If you follow my Twitter account, you have noticed a lot of automated posts from WordPress. These are from posting my portfolio-worthy pieces here to have them in a neat portfolio. I have some IT things I still need to brush up and upload to GitHub before putting them to my portfolio, but as for everything that is already available online, they are now in place and sorted. I posted each story individually here to have them on a platform that I know to remain eye-friendly (which, unfortunately, DeviantArt has ceased to be).

That’s all for now. Take care!

Quarantine Quest

G. Deyke

If you’re anything like me, you’re sick to death (but, like, figuratively; upon contemplation that particular metaphor might be a bit too on-the-nose) of all this global pandemic whatsits. Quarantine this, lockdown that, lots of people dying, empty shelves, &c. Perhaps you’re hoping for a distraction that’ll take your mind off things?

That was actually a terrible lead-in, because honestly Quarantine Quest is not, in fact, all that dissimilar from reality at this point. I mean, it’s a little dissimilar, but not in the way that lead-in implies.

Honestly, I’m not dealing very well with all this. My routine’s hardly changed, but… well. The whole situation is affecting me far worse than I would’ve guessed. So I’ve been trying to manage my stress proactively wherever possible, taking on as little as possible, taking the chance to rest, &c., which is also a terrible lead-in because somehow I ended up taking…

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