My published poem: translated!

I decided that, as one of my final deeds at art this year, I will finally translate the poem that got published this spring. Luckily, it was not very long, so I could do it in one sitting. Both the original Finnish version and the translated English version are now on my DeviantArt page. I’ve also updated the page of the poetry collection here on WordPress to link to them.

Go check them out!

The Finnish version, Rakkauden kuoro:

The English version, The Choir of Love:

The arrival of Ten Little Astronaus

Alrighty, my copy of Damon Wakes’s Ten Little Astronauts has arrived at my place in Finland and it looks fantastic! 😀 I can’t wait to start reading it during my Christmas holiday!

AND HERE IT IS!!! That record is so cool and I have no words for telling how much I love that cover art! 8D #TenLittleAstronauts @unbounders @DamonWakes— WindySilver (@windy_silver) 20. joulukuuta 2018

Ten Little Astronauts Out Today!

Damon L. Wakes

Ten Little Astronauts has now been published and is available for sale – no pledging, no pre-ordering – anywhere you might reasonably expect to buy books! Readers who supported Unbound’s crowdfunding campaign started getting their copies yesterday.

If you’ve got one yourself, please do share a photo – I’m putting together a Twitter moment featuring as many as I can find:

The book is available in a whole bunch of places I’ll be adding to its page on this site as I discover them, but for now your main options are:


Amazon UK

Amazon US

Barnes & Noble


Alternatively you should be able to quite simply walk into a bookshop and ask for it. I’m not sure how many places will stock it right off the bat like this, but any of them should…

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I’ve gotten published!

Some time ago, LitConquistadores offered FFM writers a chance to get published. I submitted some of my stories and…
Two of them were chosen for the anthology, which is now published!
This anthology is called The Ruminations of a Multiheaded Monster.
Check out all the buying options here:
Oh? Which are my stories that you can find in the anthology?
This also marks the first use of my full writer name which you will also see on the supporter list of DamonWakes’s upcoming book Ten Little Astronauts! Check that out too, it’s coming very soon!
I’m way too excited about this but also nervous since I’m not exactly prepared to use my writer name! D8 Well, I’m in a big city now, so it’s very difficult for anyone who doesn’t know me and what I’m doing to connect it to my face. But still, OMFG I’M GOING TO EXPLODE I’M WAY TOO EXCITED AND NERVOUS WHAT HAVE I DONE!!
More about my writer name and my other published thing, a poem I got into a Finnish poetry collection, coming up at some point!